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The Rose House

posted by: The Royal Hotel Chilliwack on: August 27, 2019 04:32:51 PM
One of Chilliwack’s oldest remaining residences is the The Rose House;  built by contractor John Barker in 1891 then sold to local merchant William Alexander Rose and his wife Clara.

The Rose House (on Victoria Ave at the end of Mill Street)
image credit: Chilliwack Museum & Archives

The house was originally located on Victoria Ave. near Mill Street – the site of Central Community Park, (and was situated beside Chilliwack’s first Courthouse) before it was moved to its current spot on Nowell Street in the 1950’s.
The Rose House was constructed in the Gothic Revival Style, a building style more often seen in churches than houses and rather uncommon in Chilliwack. Typical for this style, the Rose Hose with its steeply pitched roof, arched windows and doors, wood siding and detailed wood trim decorating the home’s exterior porch and gables (referred to as “gingerbread”) was a handsome home. The house has been altered over the decades – the central gable was lowered and the porch columns and gingerbread brackets were removed however the home retains many of its original features and remains a valuable reminder of Chilliwack’s early days

WA Rose in his formal attire
image credit: Chilliwack Museum & Archives

William Rose was born in Massachusetts in 1857. There he learned blacksmithing from his father, then studied to be a veterinarian and practised in Ontario before moving to Chilliwack around 1880. In Chilliwack he operated a dry goods and hardware store, both located on Wellington Avenue, and was elected the first president of the Chilliwack Board of Trade (precursor to the Chamber of Commerce) in 1903.
William Alexander Rose passed away in Chilliwack on November 3, 1940.
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