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posted by: The Royal Hotel Chilliwack on: February 06, 2019 01:24:37 PM

Sandals, running shoes, rain boots, snow boots, flats, stilettos, pumps, flip flops and slippers – if you’re like most your closet likely contains a wide assortment of footwear made from a variety of materials.

Chilliwack Progress, April 16, 1913
Ashwells De
partment Store

Shoes in one form or another have been around for thousands of years. Foot coverings were created out of necessity to provide the feet protection from the elements and depending on the climate would have been cobbled together from leaves, vines, animal skins, fur and sinew.

Over the centuries shoes have evolved into a fashion statement – especially for women -and are no longer strictly for protecting feet. Unlike our grandparents whose shoe choices were usually limited to a few pairs – a pair or two for daily wear  and a “good” pair saved for Sundays, today piles of shoes clutter up our entryway and closets. If fact, some view shoe shopping as therapy.  And comfort? How can anyone believe those high-heeled, pointed toe, bone crushing shoes are actually comfortable?

Chilliwack Progress, Dec. 9, 1915
Chilliwack Shoe Company

Here is a look at shoe advertising from the Chilliwack Progress over the years. Unlike today, plenty of small independent shoe stores were scattered throughout the downtown offering footwear for work, school, home and church.

Chilliwack Progress, Sept. 17, 1924

Payton & Buckle on Wellington Avenue has been measuring growing feet and outfitting families with footwear since 1942. The iconic shop opened during the Second World War with its first location on the north side of Wellington Avenue before a move to larger premises across the street in 1950, a few doors down from their current location.

Chilliwack Progress, June 16, 1949

Planning a visit to Toronto? Be sure to check out the city’s Bata Shoe Museum.

Chilliwack Progress, Sept. 28, 1966

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