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Royal Hotel's "Art on Main Street"

posted by: The Royal Hotel Chilliwack on: May 04, 2021 05:38:08 PM



Tamahi Creek, Chilliwack, BC
Fred Meyerink Photography


Creating art is the ultimate act of self-expression. Art is not simply picking up a paint brush and applying paint to canvas. Art can be expressed through the use of other mediums including weaving, photography, carving, sculpting, welding and quilting – to name just a few examples of how humans display creative expression.


The benefits of making art through self- expression are many and include the ability to lower stress levels, an increase of positive emotions, a distraction from whatever is troubling us and a means to generate strong emotions. It might even spark a conversation. In a nutshell, making art is an outlet – a release and so necessary as we muddle through these uncertain times.


Since January of this year, Chilliwack’s Royal Hotel “Art on Main” has showcased the works of local artists in their 8 Main Street windows. When the call out to artists was initiated, the hotel had no idea the level of interest it would generate. More than 50 local makers and creators applied to get free display space in the “Art on Main” exhibit, proving that while we were asked to stay home, not everyone binged on Netflix! Many were creating for the first time, self taught and motivated to let their inner artist flow freely. 


Gracie - Oil
Laurinda Lee Art


The Royal Hotel’s “Art on Main” exhibit changes monthly. February’s artists Trina Schols, a self -taught painter, gets inspiration from her garden. Her exuberant acrylic paintings filled the windows with colorful examples of flowers and fauna. In March the display space was shared by painter Laurinda Lee and skateboard artist & carver Calder Cheverie. Beautiful photographs of the Chilliwack River Valley by Fred Meyerink were on view for the month of April.


Trina Schol's Art


Bear Creek Falls.jpg
Fred Meyerink Photography


Whatever the medium you choose and regardless of your skill level, art is a perfect way to communicate a sense of beauty and during 2020 Chilliwack residents did not disappoint.

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