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Pie is Served

posted by: The Royal Hotel on: March 06, 2020 04:05:43 PM

Who doesn’t love the smell of a fresh-from-the-oven homemade pie? It reminds me of simpler times when most of our food was prepared with fresh ingredients and with loving hands in cozy kitchens; usually by mom or grandma.

But have you thought about the origin of pie? I suppose this subject is not one that gets much attention – but the aroma of that hand-made desert got me wondering how the round, flaky fruit-filled delicacy came to be.

Who would have known that pies have been around for thousands of years? The origin of the pie can be traced to early Egyptian, Roman and Greek cultures where they made pies with inedible crusts (like reeds) that were meant to contain the filling.

Pie crusts were originally referred to as coffins as they were simply a container for the filling – retaining the ingredients and juices. Early pies contained mainly meat or fowl – and often the legs of the chicken or bird were left to dangle over the side of the pan - to be used as handles.

The English are credited as being the first to introduce fruit as a sweet pie filling. And it was also the English who brought their pies to North America, introducing the new world to fruit-filled pastry in a pan. For this I am thankful.

Mr. Fred Bryant's raisin pie won first prize
@ the 1948 Chilliwack Fair

Recently we started serving hand-made fruit pies at the Royal Hotel Café. These locally crafted deserts are made with the freshest ingredients with love and care by Natasha’s Baked Goods.

Pies are available by the slice – or you can pre-order a whole pie to take home. Current offerings are apple, bumbleberry and strawberry-rhubarb. These selections will vary as the seasons change – but always created with fresh local ingredients. From Natasha’s kitchen to our kitchen to your mouth; handmade with love in Yarrow.
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