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Bobby Hales

posted by: The Royal Hotel Chilliwack on: February 26, 2019 02:01:25 PM

image credit: CBC

If you’ve ever been on the monthly behind-the-scenes tour of the Chilliwack Archives chances are you likely have seen some very cool items behind those doors. One of these items is a trumpet that was once owned by musician Bobby Hales (1934-2016). Story goes that the trumpet was purchased by Hales from a salesman at Chilliwack’s Brett Motors back in 1950.

Bobby Hales trumpet purchased from Brett Motors.
image credit: Chilliwack Museum & Archives

Although born in Saskatchewan, Bobby grew up in Chilliwack, attended Chilliwack Secondary and played in the Chilliwack Senior Band where he honed his musical skills. His abilities did not go unnoticed by teachers and with the encouragement of Dick Galloway and John Bayfield, formed his own dance band, “The White Spots”. After graduating from Chilliwack Senior he headed to California where he studied music at Westlake College. In 1957 he completed the music program at Westlake and returned to B.C.

Chilliwack Progress, Jan. 31, 1951

Back in B.C. Bobby furthered his musical career; playing his beloved trumpet with his band “The Bobby Hales Band”, and composing music for movie and television; including the musical theme for CBC’s “The Beachcombers” television series and the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics.

Chilliwack Progress, Oct. 22, 1969

Bobby Hales also taught music at Douglas College and in 1996 was inducted into the B.C. Entertainers Hall of Fame for his decades of work in the music industry.
Bobby Hales passed away in October 2016.

If you’re interested in learning more about Bobby Hales’ musical career, the CBC Radio show “Hot Air” paid tribute to the  BC musical legend shortly after his death.

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