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posted by: The Royal Hotel Chilliwack on: December 17, 2021 12:31:06 PM
Chilliwack Progress, Dec. 15,  1921



File:Très Parisien, 1921 GIRLISH Madame a un tailleur, RP-P-2009-3990.jpg
Women & Girl's  Fashion circa 1921



Chilliwack Progress, June 9, 1921


In 1921 Canada’s sixth census was conducted in June of that year. Findings from that census indicated British Columbia housed a total of 524, 582 people while Canada’s total population was 8.78 million in 1921.



Chilliwack Progress, Nov. 17, 1921


An important scientific & medical discovery also occurred in 1921 when the University of Toronto’s Dr. Frederick Banting, chemist Charles Best along with researcher John MacLeod began seeing positive results with their insulin experiments.


Agnes Macphail became Canada's 1st female MP a century ago — and influenced  change that endures today | CBC Radio
Agnes MacPhail is elected in 1921 (Image Credit CBC)


And in politics, Canada’s first female parliamentarian, Agnes MacPhail was elected to the House of Commons in December of 1921. Quite the accomplishment for a woman in 1921!


Chilliwack Progress, Dec. 15, 2021


In 1921 General Mills’ precursor invented a fictitious character for an advertising campaign and gave her the role of chief of correspondence. Her name was Betty Crocker  and her brand presence is still relevant today.


Chilliwack Progress, Dec. 1, 1921



Chanel No. 5 also debuted in 1921 and became the flagship fragrance for fashion designer Coco Chanel.


Chilliwack Progress, Dec. 22, 1921



And for Christmas gifts in 1921 it was all about practicality. New shoes for Christmas? McIntosh Shoes has you covered. New electric appliances were also a popular gift suggestion for the overworked housewife. What woman wouldn’t love to find a new vacuum or electric range under the Christmas tree? 


Chilliwack Progress, Dec. 15, 1921
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